Penguin Prompt Round up – Relax


Welcome to the first round-up for my new creative prompt!  I am so pleased that it was the inspiration for these amazing blog posts!

Week one was RELAX. These are all awesome submissions!  I believe you will FEEL relaxed after strolling through these posts.

The Bag Lady: Shared her rhythmically royal take on the word.

L.A. Lancaster: Spun us a lovely tale…grab some tissues!

Cyranny’s Cove: Taught us a new skill and took us down memory lane with a classic!

All About Writing And More: Shared an empowering poem that will inspire!

A Bum Without A Beach: May just push you over the edge with his go to source of relaxation. Too much cuteness!! (Keep in mind this is my husband and that cuteness helps me relax every day too!)

Bedlam And Daisies: Will open (Relaxing) doors for you! You’ll want to see this.

Thank you to all 6 of you for joining it. I’m so grateful!

Look for this weeks prompt later today!



7 thoughts on “Penguin Prompt Round up – Relax

  1. Nikki… I am not complaining at all… (lol) but All about writing and some more’s link is wrong… It leads to my post… As I said, I wouldn’t complain about the double exposure, but I’d really like to read the other writer’s post too 😉

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