Call Your Shot – 6/20


I’m a day late because we had a long weekend at my house…but I still wanted to share my weekly intentions with you! The cards I pulled this week are quite interesting. One is so interesting I plan to write a whole post about it later in the week. For now though…here are all 4 cards up-close.


Such a great vibe this week. Lots to think about…lots to put into action.

This week I plan to continue with writing and being very gentle with myself as well. I’m tired and as I wrote about in my last post, I’m dealing with an intrusive and very negative issue right now.   I’m trying my best to navigate this situation with confidence, strength and even grace. Not sinking to the depths of the person involved or even allowing myself to get swallowed up in drama that I have no control over.  Sometimes….most times….we are better served by letting these things go as much as possible.  So…I will tell my story as I want it to be.

And what about you?


2 thoughts on “Call Your Shot – 6/20

  1. You are so strong and such an extraordinary person. Write your story, your words, your heart and it will be beautiful. I am behind you always!! 💜💜💜💜


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