Be Present.


Last night Steve and I were talking about our day and he said something that I really loved.  We were talking about being more mindful and in the moment. He said: I’m trying to look at my day as separate moments.  One not having to interfere with the next. 

I love this thought. If we could all do this and do it well, I think we would all be happier people don’t you?

So often we let something frustrating or negative drag us down for the whole day….or possibly even days…which only makes us miss out on all the good stuff happening outside of that moment.  What a waste!

Being present…good or bad….is where it’s at baby. Each moment throughout the day has something to offer you if you are present.

Happy Thursday!!

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24 thoughts on “Be Present.

  1. Well said. I have struggled so much with this, but getting better … except during this week’s heatwave, which I have just spent wishing for a colder, darker future. Hubby and I both little vampires at heart.

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