Call Your Shot – Weekly Intentions – 7/3


This is not a normal week for me. Steve is home from work for a 4 day weekend…or what we call a mini-vacation so I’m not following my schedule at all. Β This will be a quick blog so that I can get back to the craziness…which is really nice once in awhile! πŸ™‚

Affirmations and intentions are a part of my daily life so having a mixture of things come through this week makes me smile. I’m all for adding positivity to every area of my life!


As you can see this week does have one running theme….it’s about inner power. We all have it…we all can use it….we just have to choose to.

What are your intentions this week? Call your shot in the comments!

Happy Monday!

(See you again on Wednesday when Steve goes back to work!)


14 thoughts on “Call Your Shot – Weekly Intentions – 7/3

      1. Hello! I’d love to chat with you about this!I will contact you through your page or you can contact me through the contact button at the top of the page! Thank you so much for reaching out. ❀


  1. Hello Nikki!
    My intentions are to get out and practise using a camera instead of my iPhone. It has new challenges but I’m determined to win. Enjoy your time off πŸ’πŸ’•

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  2. So… this is crazy, but I still struggle with getting up on time. So, my intention or goal, is to get up 1.5 – 2 hours before I have to be at work each day and get there at least 15-20 minutes early in order to get my coffee, etc… and we can clock in 10 minutes early, so that’s 50 min. of OT each week! :)This is more than weekly, I hope to have almost built the goal by the end of the month!

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