Happiness Through Independence


How many times in our lives have we heard the words…be with someone that makes you happy? I’ve heard it, read it and even said it more often than I could count. Why? Why do we put so much stock in who we are  with and so little stock in who we are?

Of course it’s wonderful to BE with someone who makes us feel all the happy feels we can.  Allowing someone to bring joy into our lives is fantastic!  Sharing that joy with that person….fabulous. Having our happiness be a priority to someone else….spectacular!

BUT putting our happiness in the hands of anyone else is a dangerous thing to do.

We have to own that power. We have to embrace it. Because at the end of the day we are the only one that can create a solid foundation of inner happiness.

I am growing into that independence. It’s work for some of us and that’s ok!!

There is this beautiful balance we can all find. It sits between taking care of ourselves and being confident in our ability to be happy, secure, loved, respected and even cherished (to name a few wonderful things) all on our own. Actually giving ourselves all those things….


accepting it when others offer us those gifts as well.

It’s not like Narnia or Horwarts….it’s a very real and very attainable place to live.  We just have to believe we are worthy.


This is my own submission for my Creative (Penguin) Prompt this week. I’d love for you to take part as well! Click the image below to read all about it. You still have today (Wed) and tomorrow (Thur) to take part!! I’ll share your links on Friday.



Happy Wednesday~


26 thoughts on “Happiness Through Independence

  1. Very well expressed, and true. I used to think that very thing, but the best thing that I ever got out of a relationship was meeting someone who encouraged me to be self-empowered, and now we do that for each other. 🙂

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    1. We are setting ourselves up for failure if we do. Plus…that’s a lot of pressure for those that we put our happiness in the hands of. I don’t want that kind of responsibility! 🙂 I love adding to someones happiness, but to be responsible for it is not something I want.

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  2. A wonderful reminder about selflove, Nikki. Instead of finding that person to complete us, we should be focusing on being complete all on our own, and that lucky person out there will complement us 🙂

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  3. Striving for that balance in my current relationship… I’m a believer that we don’t necessarily have to become well “single” or all by ourselves… what better place to practice wellness and balance than in a relationship where you need it? I don’t know of any of that made sense, but there you go!


  4. This is so great! I myself have found so much happiness through independence. I used to be so wrapped up in constantly needing friends around and wasn’t taking any steps to really be self-sufficient. Eventually I had a falling out with a friend and it led me to losing most of my friends, then I became pregnant and really lost my friends. I don’t have much for family besides a mom and 2 younger sisters. I have had to learn how to be independent and find my true happiness within myself and not the things of the world. I can proudly say I am supporting my daughter all on my own, working full time and trying to build a business on the side. You can learn so much about yourself and the world through being independent. I’ve learned to really love myself exactly as I am. I don’t strive to impress anyone besides my daughter. Such a freeing way to live!

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  5. Hello Nikki, such a profound post and one that has lessons for us all regardless of how long we may be in a relationship. There is always room for growth…
    Thank you!
    Di 🙋🏻💐


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