Post of Note – Week 16


I am making a change to my Posts of Note.  Each week for about 2 years now I’ve done a Post of Note. (Here and at my previous blog.) I’ve always done at least 10 posts because there is SO much great stuff on WordPress. However, I’ve received feedback a few times about this post and I’ve decided to take it. I’m going to shorten the list so that hopefully more readers will have the time to visit all of these awesome bloggers.

I don’t want my readers to feel over-whelmed by the amount of links shared.

What I want is to promote the heck out of other bloggers!! 

A shorter list may increase the amount of exposure these rockin bloggers get!

Starting this week I will share 5 or 6 posts that I read and loved over the past week.

If you find yourself on this list and would prefer not to be…just let me know and I’ll remove your link.


A Bum Without A Beach: My Thoughts On That

Matters of the Heart: A precious moment in time

Confessions of Anna, Secret Poet: Sexy As A Toaster

A Song In My Heart: June Bugs

A Journey To Courageous Living: The First

Happy Reading!


27 thoughts on “Post of Note – Week 16

  1. Nikki, I am a reader who feels overwhelmed when there are too many references to other posts or bloggers. You are not alone! Soooo many others pack their posts with too much, and readers just can’t or don’t read it all. Like me! Thank you, thank you to those who spoke up (I did not). And more importantly, thank YOU for listening and making a change. 😀


    1. Actually you did! 😉 ❤ In a round about way and it was your words that stayed with me. In a Penguin Personified you said that you liked the focus on one blogger because the link lists are often too long for you to click on each one. ❤ I had that in the back of my mind for awhile now. 🙂

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      1. Yes, I did say that! Thank you for letting that stick in the back of your mind. I guess I’m not the Lone Ranger in not being able to keep up. Thank you, Nikki! 😍


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