Creative (Penguin) Prompt – Week 5


Welcome to week 5 of the Flying Through Water Creative (Penguin) Prompt

This weeks prompt is Time.

I was thinking about it being mid-year and how quickly 2017 is going by….what did I have planned…what have I accomplished….what do I still need more time for?

Or how about the fact that my baby is going to be 21 tomorrow.  Time flies!   (It really does…. ❤ )

Time can mean many things and I hope you’ll take this prompt in whatever direction you fancy!

Easy peasy rules:

-Create a post inspired by the Penguin Prompt. (New Prompt on Friday)

-Tag your post with PenguinPrompt (If you’re not sure how to tag a post check out this article from WordPressTAGS

-Create a Pingback to this post. (Link it in your post. Directions here: Pingbacks) so that I can find your submission!

– Each Friday morning I’ll share your posts in a weekly round-up!

I look forward to seeing/reading your thoughts on this weeks Penguin Prompt!

Happy Friday!


24 thoughts on “Creative (Penguin) Prompt – Week 5

  1. This is a really great prompt! Thank you. I’m aware of allowing time to run me (like I get into limiting beliefs, and experience stress). This will be a lovely focus. Have a fun and relaxed weekend, Nikki! I love you — Blessings, Debbie

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      1. That’s great Nikki. I’m glad he did.
        Is it too late to post about your prompt? It’s been a busy week and I’m just having some thoughts today. I’ve been working on it all morning so I hope to post it during your overnight.
        It’s a great topic and when I saw it again here, some thoughts came to me.
        If it’s too late, I’ll understand but I’ll keep your link included anyway 🙋🏻💕

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          1. I’m really glad you enjoyed it to share on your prompt page Nikki. Thank you so much for your lovely words about it over there…💐✨✨


  2. Hi Nikki! I do plan to contribute to this … it’ll be my Forgiving Fridays post, so I may be a little later than when you post the updates. (I do plan to get an early start on Friday, so let’s see how it goes). Love and Light !!

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  3. Pingback: Time

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