Rest when you need to.


I am sick. It may just be really bad allergies or a Summer cold.  Either way…I feel pretty bad. I normally do a weekly intention post with all 4 cards I draw but this week I am just going to share this one.

Fitting huh?

I tend to fight rest when I feel bad. Why?

The best I can come up with is that I feel guilty.  I think this is a common issue for most of us.

We’re not THAT sick so we can still go-go-go and do everything we normally can do. The thing is, if we would just rest for a little while, truly, lovingly, care for our bodies, we would be back at 100% a lot sooner.

I’m lucky that I don’t work outside of the home.  That doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot of responsibilities…but I can do those things at a slower pace.

This card was a great reminder that I need to do everything I can to assist my body.

Perfect is a bit of a stretch, even for this positive thinking girl.  But I can take care of myself and allow my body the time it needs to fight off whatever it is that is trying to take me down. 🙂

Perfect is relative anyway right?

So here’s to some serious self-care and TLC wrapped up in a no guilt hug!


ps: My Creative Penguin Prompt this week is TIME.  Take a look and join in! I will share your links on Friday. Click the image to find out more.



Happy Tuesday!


51 thoughts on “Rest when you need to.

  1. Oh snap. I’m recovering from a summer cold too! I hope you get better too. I totally agree with this post. There is nothing wrong in giving our mind and body a break now and then, especially when we’re feeling unwell. Although we’re in such a fast paced, almost robotic society, that it feels ‘unnatural’ to rest as we seem to associate that with unproductivity. Whereas really, going easy on ourselves, is practicing self love and improving the quality of our life. A very thoughtful post!

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  2. Well how perfect that I should read this today. My shoulder has felt a little off, but I went to Pilates on Monday and pushed it with a Yoga class (that included too much shoulder usage) today…. I will leaving my arms to rest tomorrow as much as I don’t want to miss my Pilates class! I hope that you are feeling better soon! ❤

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      1. I’ve missed you too! Oh man, it’s been such a while… but I’m officially starting to blog again today…For now, I’ll do a meet & greet to re-connect and then go from there…
        I hope you’re feeling better… just take your time for more self-caring & loving! Mwwaahh!!!


          1. Not really….Like you…I feel like my body is doing it’s best to fight it off, but there is still something trying to weasel its way in. 😉 May just be allergies now. Keep fighting it off! 😉 And rest when you can. 🙂

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  3. I fight rest when I am sick too. In fact I fight rest all the time. I never am Not doing something unless it is to lay down and go to bed. I don’t even watch TV in the day. Only in bed at night. We gotta work on that Miss Nikki!

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