Call Your Shot – Weekly Intentions – 7/17


I had a rough go of it last week with a Summer cold.  I chose to rest as much as possible and I’m feeling a lot better!  That being said, I did fall behind on a few things and setting my intentions this week is very important to me. So let’s look at the cards I pulled.


I got the PENGUIN!!

‘The period of darkness that you’ve been experiencing is now passing’

Well that can’t be a bad thing! ❤

Here is a little more about this card:

‘Emerging from this period, you’ll still be faced with a few challenges, but you’ll readily face them with the courage and inner strength you’ve mustered during this period of struggle. You’ve discovered resources that you never knew you had, and these will serve you well for the rest of your life. Your faith in life’s unfoldment and your greater awareness of your soul’s destiny will help you deal with anything that comes your way with self-confidence, grace and fluidity.’

Oh I really love this card.  It speaks to me on so many levels.  I may need to keep this little guy around for a couple of weeks. ❤

The other cards are just as fitting for me. I’m still doing a lot of work on forgiveness and the 2 smaller cards go hand and hand for me this week. I’ll be sharing more later in the week on some self-forgiveness work I’m doing.

As far as the financial abundance card….well the card itself is beautiful and very symbolic. Do you see the 3 faces?

I have a weird relationship with money.  I’ve recently started working on that as well. Facing the truths about my subconscious thoughts that lead me to make choices based in fear.  It’s really an interesting thing…our relationship with money.  It starts out when we are very young and stays with us unless we do the work to change it. (If it even needs to be changed!)

My intention outside of these cards is to get back on track with things like housework, blogging, writing and mediation.

It’s really hard to meditate with a runny nose. 😉 Sniff Sniff!

How about you? What are your intentions for this week? Let me know in the comments below.



8 thoughts on “Call Your Shot – Weekly Intentions – 7/17

  1. Hello Nikki,
    Your cards are a wonderful series of picks. It’s great that they mean something to you. My intentions are to get some more clearing done…simple but so necessary.
    Glad you are feeling heaps better today. Wishing you a lovely summer week 🙋🏻💐

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